External Links

These are some websites I have found interesting or fun:

Phylogenetics, Phylogeography

Online tool to estimate divergence times between any pair of taxa!

Play with the tree of life!

Phylogenies of sequences deposited in NCBI?

Interested in phylogenetic tools on comparative biology? 

What about this one? 

 Useful websites:

Find specific words in youtube

Play with regular expressions

Explore global ecoregions online

Transform those geographic coordinates

Online tool to check mountain biodiversity

Visual statistics, pretty cool

Historical timelapses using Google Earth

Learn how to code! 

Scripts for several different map tools for Biology in R

Learn about genome analyses with several youtube videos

Its like Google, but instead of giving you webpages, gives you answers

Want to change the format of GIS files? 

Want to align sequences online?

Where are all those herpetological specimens?

 Job or grant hunting

Looking for postdocs? 

Looking for grants? Duke has a great spreadsheet

Colleagues/friends websites

The awesome lab where I did my PhD!

Check out my friend and colleague Andrew Crawford’s cool webpage. If you like the tropics, frogs, and DNA

Where I did my undergrad and masters! Very good research in tropical amphibians:


Bored? This site will fix the problem

Want to learn astrophysics and laugh at the same time?

Interesting and funny posts here

Excellent blog about Evolution and cats!